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>Two Minutes of Torah: Vayeishev (Genesis 39:1-18) – Joseph has the X-Factor

>Last year a survey was conducted of families to discover what children’s career aspirations were. Amongst five to eleven year olds, the most popular careers are now: sports star, pop star and actor. This contrasts significantly with the findings 25 years ago, which had teacher, banker and doctor at the top of the list. Our … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Vayishlach (Genesis 33:1-20) – The Reinvention of Esau

>In my childhood Darth Vader was in many ways the ultimate bad guy. George Lucas managed to create a villain who looked the part, sounded the part and even acted the part. He was the Emperor’s right-hand man, and as such he was involved in all the villainy which took place under the evil galactic … Continue reading

>Torah for Today – Why we should wear the poppy

>(This article was originally published in the Jewish News on the 11th November 2010) At this time of year, as we approach Remembrance Sunday, poppies can be seen everywhere. It becomes a part of the uniform for everyone involved in public life and appearing on the media. And across the country many people will not … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Vayetze (Genesis 29:12-30) – God help the mister…

>One of the rituals which I really enjoy at the Jewish wedding is the bedeken ceremony. Before the bride and groom come to the chuppah (marriage canopy) they have a private moment (sometimes with family or friends) where the groom checks that it is the correct woman under the veil. I appreciate being a part … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Toldot (Genesis 26:12-29) – The Rebound Patriarch

>In one of my earlier jobs, my arrival coincided with the Chief Executive moving on to take on new challenges in another sector. There was a great deal of disappointment surrounding this man’s departure as he was highly respected within the community, and had really helped to elevate the organisation within the community. In the … Continue reading