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>My Sermon – 28th August – My father was a wandering Aramean

>We currently have a Prime Minister who appears very British. David Cameron went to Eaton, he was educated at Oxford University, and he can even claim to have Royal blood as he is a direct descendant of King William IV and his mistress. He would pass any test of Britishness. But Prime Minister Cameron also … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Ki Tavo (Deuteronomy 26:1-19) – Knowing where we come from

>I was born in England, the same country as only one of my grandparents. All four of my grandparents were born in different countries with different experiences. My mother’s mother was born in Romania, to a very Zionist family, who moved to Israel while she was still a very young baby. My mother’s father was … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Ki Tetze (Deuteronomy 21:20-22:7) – Finding your fellow’s ox

>I grew up in a house with cats. From the time I was 6 or 7 there has always been a cat in my parent’s house; first Sally, then Tiger, then Lucky, and currently Simba and Nala (I was in a Lion King phase when we got them). The cats have always been free to … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Shoftim (Deuteronomy 16:18-17:13) – The Pursuit of Justice

>One of the real joys of being a Rabbi at West London Synagogue is the opportunity to teach on Jewish Preparation (our conversion course). It is wonderful to accompany people as they embark on their Jewish journey and join our community. Through this experience I have become increasingly aware of a certain ‘Jewish vocabulary’, which … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Parashat Re’eh (Deuteronomy 11:26-12:10) – The Price of Freewill

>In our Jewish tradition, one of the things which is always said to distinguish us from the angels is the fact that we have freewill. We have a choice. We can choose to obey God’s laws and commandments, or we can choose to ignore and reject them. Humanity’s possession of freewill is therefore one of … Continue reading