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2 Religions, Separated by 1 Messiah (My Dorchester Abbey Sermon)

As a Rabbi, I feel incredibly honoured to have been invited to speak to you today by my dear friend David Gifford, and I want to thank you all for the opportunity to speak to you today. My training to become a Rabbi involved time in England, Israel and America. While in the United States, … Continue reading

Extracts from my Farewell Sermon at WLS

On the 3rd June I delivered a sermon at the farewell service for Micol and me at West London Synagogue. If you would like to receive the full sermon please send me an e-mail. A colleague recently shared with me the anecdote that: ‘Non-Jews leave, but don’t say goodbye; while Jews say goodbye, but never … Continue reading

>My Sermon – 15th January: Preparing for Holocaust Memorial Day

>On the 6th March 2008, Leon Greenman died in a hospital in North London. I am not sure how many people here will have heard of this man. Leon was a regular visitor to the Jewish Museum in London. It was there that I would see him, a very elderly man, walking slowly across the … Continue reading

>My Sermon – 31st December – 2010 in Review

>2011 starts tomorrow with all of the exciting promise that a new year brings. When a new year begins I always think back to the feeling I had at school when I would begin a new exercise book. All of the pages were empty, waiting to be filled, and the potential of what would go … Continue reading

>The father of IVF finally has the fame his name deserves

>(This Article was originally published in The Jewish News on the 14th October) Last week, for a couple of days, Professor Robert Edwards became one of the lead stories across the British press. Most newspapers dedicated significant column inches towards celebrating the achievements of the man known as the ‘father of IVF’. I have to … Continue reading