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>Two Minutes of Torah: Balak (Numbers 22:2-20) – Different ways to God

>My Saba (Israeli grandfather) likes to tell stories and parables. One of my favourites is about three men who all lived together in the same village, and wanted to find a mythical well in the midst of a deep, dark forest. They all set out separately, following their own specific route through the forest. Each … Continue reading

>World Zionist Congress – Ending with 2 Hatikvahs

>So the World Zionist Congress is now over, and it seems that we managed to leave Jerusalem just as the city was being overrun and shut down (the journey to Tel Aviv still took an extra 40+ minutes). The last day of the WZC is primarily about the resolutions, and the votes which are held … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Parashat Chukat (Numbers 20:1-21) – Two strikes and you’re out

>Being the leader can often be a thankless task. If you are doing a good job no-one thanks you – it’s expected. But if things start going wrong everyone has a gripe and a complaint. One of the things I used to love about flying El Al to Tel Aviv was the spontaneous applause, which … Continue reading

>World Zionist Congress – Catching up and the Voting

>So for the last two days with all of the meetings (and the lack of a reliable free wireless source in the hotel or the convention center) and various other things which have been going on, it has been impossible to get onto the internet to update the blog – I am sorry. To bring … Continue reading

>The World Zionist Congress – Being part of a world movement

>In our joint faction meeting with Labour we heard today from representatives of our groups from across the world. In Britain we Reform Jews are a minority within a minority – it can be difficult and sometimes demoralising. Being part of the Arzenu delegation at the World Zionist Congress is a reminder that we are … Continue reading