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Pesach in St. Petersburg – Reflections on Pesach in St Petersburg

So now it’s all over, and I’m back in Israel reflecting on what was an amazing experience. Back in December I went to speak to Alex Kagan (director of FSU Programming for the WUPJ) about the fact that I wanted to go to Russia to help a community, his response was simply: “Nu Yalah” (So … Continue reading

Pesach in St. Petersburg – Monday’s sedarim, and the answers to the Pesach Pub Quiz

So, after three sedarim on Monday, it was back to the Shorashim school for three more sedarim to finish of the programme. (I have included more photos on the website from Sunday and Monday’s sedarim). In the morning, it was just Rabbi Michael and myself, with a class of 12/13 year olds – unfortunately, as … Continue reading

Pesach in St. Petersburg – Back in Israel – but so much to still tell you about

So I am back now in Israel, after almost 20 hours of travelling (Rabbi Michael’s house to the train station, the train from St Petersburg to Moscow, a taxi to another train station, a train to the airport, a wait of about three and a half hours in the airport, a four hour plane back … Continue reading

Pesach in St. Petersburg – Wow, how much can you fit into 24 hours?

Unfortunately I am going to have to be very quick as we are just clearing up from the last Seder, and there is not a lot of time (and I’m not sure when I’ll next be by the computer), so here goes. Shabbat morning: Dvar Torah and reading from Torah. I read Shemot 33:12-23, the … Continue reading

Pesach in St. Petersburg – My first sermon in Russian

I don’t think you know hospitality until you come to Shaarei Shalom in St Petersburg. I spent yesterday working in the office, and literally every fifteen minutes one of the team would poke their head around the corner, and offer me tea, coffee, juice, or food. And then when I’d get up to go and … Continue reading