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Two Minutes of Torah: Ki Tetzeh – The Right to Privacy

Last year the British media was rocked by the phone hacking scandal, when it was discovered that journalists had been listening to people’s phone calls and accessing their voicemails. From the outset the accusations were serious, and it was clear that there were going to be serious repercussions as a result of what had happened. … Continue reading

Across the Pond: Politically prophetic lessons from our American friends

It was on a Sunday morning when Joe Biden, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, declared that he was absolutely comfortable with gay couples having the same rights as straight couples. This announcement, from the Vice-President, was sure to have political ramifications as it appeared to place him on a different policy footing compared with … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Shoftim – Motivating the Troops

I am a big fan of motivational speeches in movies. I am sure that many of you have that favorite speech that either inspires you to action or possibly even brings a tear to the eye. I am thinking about Bill Pullman as the President in Independence Day rallying the pilots before they embark on … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Re’eh – Lending a Hand

At the beginning of football (soccer) games and many other sports, before play commences the opposition players and teams will shake hands with each other. In the context of sports one can imagine that the handshake is symbolic of the fact that all the competitors will play fairly. This symbolism appears to be supported by … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Vaetchanan – How do we reach the Promised Land?

When I think about a favorite prayer, it’s difficult to choose one; but in terms of our regular liturgy the Shema has always had a special place in my heart. As a child I was struck by the experience of covering my eyes to recite those first two lines and I enjoyed kissing the fringes … Continue reading