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Two Minutes of Torah: Lech Lecha – What are we afraid of?

My wife enjoys watching horror movies, and as we get closer to Halloween, it feels like there is always one on the TV for her to watch. I don’t like being scared, I feel no need to watch something which is either going to shock me in the moment, or give me nightmares later on. … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Noach – The Tallest Building in the World

Whenever I drive into New York City, I am always struck by the view of the buildings and skyscrapers. It is a picture which I first encountered on the cinema screen, and there is something about those feats of human engineering that always impress me. My eyes are often drawn to the Empire State and … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Bereishit – What’s in a Naming?

I imagine that there are many responsibilities which go with being a parent. Alongside the general responsibility of caring for the child, arguably the first one is to give the child a name. When I heard that friends had given birth to children one of the first questions which was asked, was whether a name … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah (Special): Sukkot – I’ll blow your house in

Many of you will know the story of the three little pigs, each one of whom built a home; one out of straw, one out of wood and one out of brick. A wolf came along calling each pig out of their home and threatening: ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house … Continue reading