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>Two Minutes of Torah: Parashat Vayakahel (Exodus 35:20-35) – Those who really can … teach

>Recently I was registering for an internet website, and as is often the way with these sites, there were a number of security questions. For this particular portal I was asked the name of my favourite actor or actress, my favourite film, and my favourite teacher. For the first two answers I had to take … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Ki Tissah (Exodus 32:7-20) – The Reluctance to Lead

>A couple of weeks ago I was at the cinema watching the Oscar nominated, BAFTA award winning film, The King’s Speech. It was a truly wonderful cinematic experience, and I really recommend that everyone takes an opportunity to go and see it. I just want to focus on one element of the film, which struck … Continue reading

>Two minutes of Torah: Tetzaveh (Exodus 28:28-29:9) – Kissing the Israelite Badge

>When Fernando Torres recently signed for Chelsea Football Club, a number of Liverpool supporters went out onto the streets and burned shirts with Torres’ name emblazoned on the back. For them these shirts had become valueless the moment that he put pen to paper on a contract with a rival football team. Whatever a person … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Terumah (Exodus 25:23-40) – Home v Synagogue

>In the lead up to Rosh Hashannah and Pesach a gentle negotiation always takes place in my parents’ home. The fact that they will be hosting an erev Rosh Hashannah dinner and a Pesach seder is not up for discussion, that is a non-negotiable. The debate is always about how many people can be hosted … Continue reading