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Two Minutes of Torah: Vayechi – Taking the good with the bad

I can’t remember the first time when I heard the blessing which is given to children, but I know that throughout my youth I was confused as to the choices made in this blessing. Traditionally on Shabbat we bless our children, and to the boys we say: “May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh”, … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Vayigash – Gotta find my purpose

In the musical Avenue Q, the story begins with Princeton, a recent college graduate trying to find his way in the world. He is unsure what he is supposed to do or who he is supposed to become. As he sings: ‘I don’t know how I know, but I’m going to find my purpose… gotta … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Mikketz – A fair swap

When I was at school I remember that the collecting of football (soccer) stickers was very popular amongst us boys. We would buy packets of stickers, affixing them in an album, trying to complete teams and eventually fill in all the blanks. At school during break times there would be bartering and haggling as boys … Continue reading

CCAR Mission to Israel – Work to be done…

I think that this will be my penultimate blog post, with one more to follow with reflections on the trip as a whole. Wednesday was the last day of the mission and unsurprisingly it was filled to bursting. The morning began with Shacharit at Beit Daniel in Tel Aviv, the flagship Reform community in the … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Vayeishev – Open your eyes

I often wonder if the way that I see colors is the same way that other people view them. Recently I was flying to Israel, on a journey which had essentially taken place in darkness for the overwhelming majority of the ten hours. As we came closer to Israel the light began to break in … Continue reading