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>Two Minutes of Torah: Tzav – The fire within

> There is something magical about fire. It provides warmth, but has the power to burn. It is a source of light, but also a force of destruction. It can be comforting, but it is also dangerous. I’ve always been fascinated by fire; the heat, the light, the colour, everything draws my attention and focus. … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Vayikra – Praying with our bodies

> This week we begin the Book of Leviticus, and with it we commence the laws of sacrifice. For us Reform Jews, living in the twenty-first century, these instructions may appear gruesome, barbaric and archaic. Yet for generations our ancestors communicated with God, and prayed to God, through sacrifices and the slaughter of animals. Rabbi … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Vayakahel-Pekudei – Giving something that matters

> As an older brother it was my prerogative to pass things down, sometimes to sell them, to my little sister. When I wanted a new games console it was first necessary to pass the old one on to my younger sister – it would be extravagant to expect to own more than one console. … Continue reading

>CCAR Conference: WOW!

>It is hard to put into words the experience that was the CCAR Convention 2010. There is first of all something amazing about being surrounded by about 500 colleagues; people who share passions, ideas and experiences. For me it was also special to be back on the west coast with friends and teachers I was … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Ki Tissah – Take a Break

> It can be difficult when Shabbat arrives. We sometimes find ourselves consumed by various tasks and responsibilities which make an enforced 25 hours of non-work quite a difficult proposition. I remember while being at University the self-discipline which was required to put essays and papers to the side, and to spend an entire day … Continue reading