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Two Minutes of Torah: Korach (Numbers 17:6-26) – The Wilderness in 2011

In the midst of a year it is hard to tell exactly how it will be remembered in the future. And while 2011 has brought many big new stories, it is likely that this year will be remembered for the protests and revolutions which spread across the Middle East. This year has already seen the … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Shelach Lecha (Numbers 14:1-19) – Fear of the Unknown and Faith

From 1993 until 2007 a significant part of every summer revolved around RSY-Netzer and the programme of events they offered (Shemesh,IsraelTour and Kayitz-Netzer). I was a chanich (participant), a madrich (leader), a rosh (head of camp), and then I spent several more years filling any role which was needed. It therefore might come as something … Continue reading

2 Religions, Separated by 1 Messiah (My Dorchester Abbey Sermon)

As a Rabbi, I feel incredibly honoured to have been invited to speak to you today by my dear friend David Gifford, and I want to thank you all for the opportunity to speak to you today. My training to become a Rabbi involved time in England, Israel and America. While in the United States, … Continue reading

Preaching at Dorchester Abbey

On Sunday I was invited to preach at Dorchester Abbey in Oxford ( – it is a truly beautiful Church and well worth a visit if you are in the area). This was the first time I had been invited to speak in a non-Jewish religious service, and I was deeply honoured; especially as this … Continue reading

Extracts from my Farewell Sermon at WLS

On the 3rd June I delivered a sermon at the farewell service for Micol and me at West London Synagogue. If you would like to receive the full sermon please send me an e-mail. A colleague recently shared with me the anecdote that: ‘Non-Jews leave, but don’t say goodbye; while Jews say goodbye, but never … Continue reading