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Two Minutes of Torah: Naso – What’s in a Name?

As couples prepare to get married there are many questions about what the wedding will be like; music, dress code, food, seating and 101 other things which need to be organized. However, in the lead up to their married life together one of the big questions, with long term implications, is what they will do … Continue reading

Across the Pond – To log on or not log on? That is the question for American Jews

One Sunday in May Citi Field, the home of New York Mets baseball team, which has a capacity of about 45,000, was filled with Jews. In Britain, if we were having a gathering of more than 40,000 Jews, one would assume that this was a rally in support of Israel. I remember standing in Trafalgar … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Bamidbar – Making order out of Chaos

As a child I remember being perplexed by the fact that each one of the Five Books of Moses had two names. In my younger years I did not realize that the books had Hebrew names used by Jews, and other names when they were referenced as part of the Old Testament by members of … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Bechukotai – Walking the Walk

One of those school classes which has always stuck in my mind is the one where we learnt about the carrot and stick approach to situations. The idiom was explained to us in the context of a donkey. The donkey could be motivated by the promise of a carrot, or by the threat of a … Continue reading

Two Minutes of Torah: Behar – A Cure for Society’s Ills

It is always heartening when a Biblical idea takes hold and inspires the world to act in pursuit of a just and righteous cause. As we approached the new millennia a campaign developed to wipe out all third world debt. This international movement sought to reset the global economy, so that developing countries would not … Continue reading