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>Two Minutes of Torah: Chayyey Sarah (Genesis 24:1-26) – Finding an appropriate partner

>We Jews are obsessed about matchmaking. There is a popular stereotype of the Jewish mother who is always trying to find a wife for her eligible sons, but actually this is a community wide activity. Our Jewish sport is setting people up. We’ve even developed a scoring system, so that according to Jewish folklore, when … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Vayera (Genesis 19:1-21) – The Real Sin of Sodom

>What picture comes to mind when we hear the names Sodom and Gomorah? These cities have become symbols of wickedness, depravity and general abusive behaviour. And their names are forever associated with any place which is deemed to have descended into evil. We can all think of examples of modern day cities which have been … Continue reading

>The father of IVF finally has the fame his name deserves

>(This Article was originally published in The Jewish News on the 14th October) Last week, for a couple of days, Professor Robert Edwards became one of the lead stories across the British press. Most newspapers dedicated significant column inches towards celebrating the achievements of the man known as the ‘father of IVF’. I have to … Continue reading

>My Sermon – 15th October – The Good News from Chile

>There are certain events which unite a community. Then there are some events which unite a nation. And occasionally there are events which transcend boundaries and unite the world. This week we witnessed one of those events. From the early hours of Wednesday morning, through into Thursday, the world was united. Across the globe, in … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Lech Lecha (Genesis 15:1-21) – Where do babies come from?

>“Where do babies come from?” According to popular culture, parents live in perpetual fear of their children asking this question. It seems likely that the unease over giving an adequate answer was part of the reason why parents in Victorian England would tell their children: “the stork delivers them.” I guess if you’re not going … Continue reading