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>Two Minutes of Torah: Tetzaveh – Clothes maketh then Man

> When I was 22 years old I applied for a job as a movement worker at RSY-Netzer. This was a one-year position for graduates of the youth movement who were just completing university. It was a job for which there was no uniform, and people would normally wear jeans and a sweatshirt. And although … Continue reading

>Why we should vote in the General Election

> This article was written for the Jewish News, it appeared in their 11th February edition. Almost a year and a half ago I remember standing with my wife (then my fiancé) in a queue for a polling station in Los Angeles. Although I could not vote in those elections, on November 4th 2008, I … Continue reading

>Jewish Ethics – Freedom of Speech

> With a debate about Britain’s libel laws a member of the class requested that we discuss the issue of freedom of speech. This has been an especially relevant issue for the Jewish community since the case involving Deborah Lipstadt in 2001. In the Amidah, there is a clear recognition of the power of our … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Mishpatim – The Revolution of Judaism

> One of my favourite Shabbat readings is by the writer Francine Klagsbrun. She tells the story of her father and his love for Shabbat as a miracle. Her father was totally in awe of the concept of Shabbat: ‘“When I was a young man, an immigrant from Russia,” he would say, “the United States … Continue reading

>Two Minutes of Torah: Yitro

> When I was growing up in RSY-Netzer (the Reform Jewish youth movement) one of the values which we were always talking about was empowerment. Younger madrichim (youth leaders) were brought up through the movement by educating them, and empowering them in roles of leadership. At the age of 21 I led a four-week tour … Continue reading