Allow me to introduce myself – Rabbi Danny Burkeman

Growing up in England, I did not think I would become a Rabbi; I hoped that I would become a professional footballer (ideally for Liverpool ( and if not that, then the only aim was to have enough money to buy my parents a boat. As you may have guessed I did not become a footballer and I am unlikely to ever be able to buy my parents a boat, but I did become a Rabbi.
My journey to become a Rabbi involved a childhood spent regularly attending synagogue, teen years spent with RSY-Netzer (, a gap year in Israel before a university degree which focussed on Jewish subjects through history and theology. Following three years working with Jewish teens I went to rabbinic school. I spent a year in London, a year in Jerusalem (where I met my wife, and then followed her) for three years in Los Angeles, where I was ordained by HUC-JIR
After 2 years working at West London Synagogue ( developing a young adult program, leading an adult education push and developing their online presence, I moved to The Community Synagogue ( in Port Washington. There I get to work with a wonderful community, and people of all generations, with the kids in our ECC through to the seniors in our Chaverim group.
Today I am an Englishman in New York ( blogging Two Minutes of Torah for almost three years (with only a brief interruption), writing a regular column for The Jewish News ( in England, offering dating advice on (, working as a Rabbi and trying to be a good husband to Micol.
You can follow me on Twitter @rabbi_Danny or find me on Facebook R Danny Burkeman or sometimes you might even meet me in the real world.



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